Chariots of Light Christian Bikers is an evangelistic outreach of
Jerry Savelle Ministries International,

located in Crowley, Texas.

Chariots of Light is an opportunity for you to make a difference: 

Doing what you love to do.

Living the life of freedom that we have in Christ.

Enjoying the fellowship of Christians committed to the Lord and to one another.

Having fun helping others to enjoy the ride of their lives as we invade every man’s world,

bringing the message of victory with the faith that overcomes every adversary!

The mission


Spiritual Strengthening

Link believers of "like precious faith" together.


Friendship Evangelism

Outreach as a tool for witnessing.


Empower members for ministry

Leadership mentoring.

Reach Out

Engage in your environment

The Lord promised us "When you extend your hand, and they give you theirs, I'll put My hand on them."

"Ministry. Relationships. Fellowship. Camaraderie.
We are A MINISTRY making a difference, not a club.

The Heritage

Chariots of Light is an evangelistic outreach of Jerry Savelle Ministries International located in Crowley, Texas.

The Vision

... ...

The Benefits

Camaraderie - You will build friendships with other believers with similar interests.
Calling - You will be challenged in your passion for God and your passion for souls.
Community - You will have opportunities to minister in your community.

Meet our
our leaders

– PHIL 2:15

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